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It leaves you smiling, starts creativity, but the munchies take over. The medicinal qualities seem apparent enough: ocular pressure lowered, appetite enhancement, stress relief; this plant has it all.

So grab a ticket and jump on the A-Train™ to Stonesville Type: 40/60 Sativa/Indica Flowering: 55-60 days Height: 120-140cm Yield: 300-350 p.s.m.

The off spring shows great structure and solid kolas with fuel sour kerosine funk.

We decided to Dub this the 818 Headband to pay a little homage to our stomping grounds. 60% sativa/40% indica Flowering Time: 60-65 days Yield: 800 g m2Thanks to recent advances in marijuana genetics we’ve pioneered, the quality of our Acapulco Gold goes beyond the often rhapsodized smoke of days past.

100% indica Flowering Time 45-50 days , if outdrs: mid Oct Yield: 400-450 gr/m2, outdr: 400-550 gr/pp Smell: High / Effect: Noblewood Resistance to mold: Very High Medicinal value: Very High THC: 20% This is one of those sophisticated indica genetics mixes we´ve bred: our afghan kush, characterized by its great medicinal value and dense buds.

Crossed with black domina, a hybrid of ultrafast flowering (one of the best varieties of afghan ever worked), as a result we obtained an ultra fast and easy to grow, compatible with the necessities of sybarites and new growers, with sufficient power for therapeutic use, indicated for those who suffer insomnia. 100% indica THC 19% Indr Harvest Time: 45-55 dys , if outdrs, early-Oct Production 350-450 gr indr / 900 gr outdr Smell: High Resistance to mold: High Medicinal value: Very high Our afghan kush variety has great medical value due to its production of cannabinoids, is characterizes by dense buds, covered by beautiful glands of resin.

Rapid vegetative growth supports quick turnovers into flowering.

Doubling in size, its long sets of inter-nodal stacking create monster terminal buds pungent with gassy, pine and citrus aromas.

She continues to retain her 100% Indica qualities, including that trademark taste and aroma, but produces more resin and an even more Indica stone, as if this were possible.

Trellis is recommended to support large development.

Great to end your day with as well as for pain relief for people with a higher tolerance.

Just as importantly for us, however, was capturing its spirit.

Like the original namesake, these gorgeous, firm colas are flecked with gold and reddish brown, with very visible THC crystals.

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