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In the shantytowns, where they live in makeshift tin shacks, outside toilets are shared among up to 50 people.There are few water taps, raw sewage leaks from burst pipes, and children scavenge in rubbish dumps.With populist appeals to disillusioned workers and youth, former ANC Youth League (ANCYL) president Julius Malema has emerged as the most outspoken representative of anti-Zuma forces in the ANC.Four years ago, he was among the foremost promoters of Zuma’s ascendancy in the ANC.

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This discontent is reflected in a distorted way in bitter divisions at the top of the ANC and the Alliance.As the SSA has written: “The Malema/ANCYL nationalisation policies are bourgeois reform schemes which would not end the superexploitation of the mineworkers.Their policy document proposes joint share holdings between the current mine owners and the government (with a majority share for the latter), meaning that the bourgeois state becomes a partner in directly exploiting the workers.” — “Populist Demagogue Malema and the ANC”, Workers Vanguard no 1006, 3 August Counterposed to bourgeois “nationalisation” schemes, the SSA fights for a blackcentred workers government that will expropriate the mines, banks and industry without compensation, linking that struggle to the fight for workers power in the imperialist countries.Now, having been expelled from the party earlier this year, he goes around denouncing ANC and NUM leaders as “bloodsuckers”.As always, he spews racialist demagogy in order to divert workers from a class understanding of the neo-apartheid order.

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