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Biography Early life Huo Yuanjia was actually born 1868 in Xiaonan Village in Jinghai County in and back, but the family's primary source of income was from farming.The Huo family had a long tradition of being practitioners of traditional Wushu.This was perhaps a blessing, as he in later life became renowned for his humility and educated judgment.However at the time, pursuing scholarly interests was a great blow to his pride which was also fueled by the fact that he was continuously being taken advantage of by being humiliatingly defeated by local eight and nine year old children when he was twelve.Word of this feat spread fast further adding to his growing fame.On his return home he sold firewood to make a living, and in 1896 Huo Yuanjia worked as a porter in the to favor itself.

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The Russian opted for a public apology instead of a public brawl.")] The teacher of the bandit whom Huo Yuanjia had defeated on behalf of the monks, Zhang Wen Dat, held a month-long competition, inviting all contestants in the hope of luring Huo Yuanjia.

Huo Yuanjia, however, was born weak and susceptible to illness (at an early age he contracted that would recur periodically for the rest of his life) so his father refused to teach him traditional Wushu.

Because of his weakness, Huo En Di wanted his son to pursue scholarly interests instead of learning traditional Wushu.

The wrestler had openly insulted the Chinese, calling them "Sick man of Asia" and the "Weak Men of the East" because no one would accept his challenge to a fight.

When Yuanjia accepted his challenge, the Russian, who claimed to be the strongest man in the world, ed.

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