Gta 5 argument online dating

Their revenue for late post-launch DLC isn't going to be close to the money GTA Online pulled in right after release.For sake of argument, let's say that GTA Online's microtransactions only accounted for half of that million.

These games no doubt contributed a significant amount to Take-Two's digital revenue.

All this leads to a simple conclusion: there’s no way Rockstar or Take-Two would put GTA Online out to pasture in favor of a game that lacks the same kind of reach and brand recognition, and has no hope of matching the former’s sales records.

And yet, recent shifts in policy and behavior regarding how Rockstar approaches and manages GTA Online are a bit worrying.

Rockstar has to work hard for this revenue, to be fair.

The team needs to keep producing new, free content for GTA Online as well as patches so that players stick with the game and keep spending money.

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