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In trials, 83 percent of patients were in remission after three months.

Instead of flowing into a bottle, the milk fills disposable plastic bags that fit inside the breast-shaped pump.Then you have devices defined by nuanced improvement or a single attention-grabbing feature, which, if we’re honest, most folks neither wanted nor understood. A combination video-cassette recorder and answering machine, the 0 (that’s 8.30 in 2017 money) deck let owners call in to program recordings using touch-tone key codes. Palm Pilots and i Macs and Motorola Star TACs weren’t objects people put up with in their offices or homes because they had to; they were things folks wanted to and could use, free of ­excruciating ­early-adopter nonsense.Technology was subculture-turned-­zeitgeist, with nowhere to go but everywhere.Paired with an Android app, the sensor-laden glove tracks movement as the user practices real-life tasks, like squeezing an orange.The system displays instant range-of-motion feedback, which boosts learning.

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