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When I decided to date online, I did so with intention. If you meet a guy who just got divorced and is only looking for a good time, don’t get upset or offended.I didn’t go into it looking for any specific “type,” but I did have a clear cut idea of what I wanted. Wish him luck, send him on his way, and keep a clear intention that you’re looking for something else.I intended to attract men who were kind, interesting, genuinely liked and respected women, and were honest. Guess what folks; according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 50% of the population over 40 is single, with 49% female and 51% male.It’s less likely that the dating pool is thin due to a lack of single people, and When discussing this with my friends, their “must have” lists have quite a few superficial qualities on them.No wonder she keeps attracting men who are the same way!

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Finally, I buckled down and signed up for -- -- Internet dating.

Usually my reasons for ignoring those signs were really superficial.

In one situation I thought to myself, “Well, this guy may be a little crazy, but he is a dead ringer for John Cusack.” Big error in judgment on my part.

I would never find myself in a bar at 40 looking for love. When I found my 42-year-old self nursing a Cosmopolitan on a bar stool in the West Village, I knew where that hunger came from.

Hello, 40-year-olds actually need to eat something besides pretzels!

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