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Used from the beginning on glass bottles all the way until the 1969, when it was retired.It has recently made a comeback on Throwback's current packaging. I went to open one day, and noticed some sort of orangish precipitate at the bottom of the bottle. Apparently it expired in October (which is a surprisingly short time after I bought it). Just wondering if soda actually goes bad, besides going flat?I also save almost every bottle I buy just for the task of drinking tap water (sorry, I don’t believe in buying water).Mostly in Asian countries, bilingual cans and bottles were released. October is only a few weeks ago, and it is probably a sell by date, not an expiration date. Depending on the situation, this could take awhile.

This logo version had a pointed “D”, called the “Wave”, which was later removed.

This logo ran for about 11 years before it was modified..

Found on packaging from as early as 1996 to as late as 1999, this logo served as somewhat of a bridge between the previous and the next.

Stevia, if you’re unfamiliar with it, is an herb which has been used for centuries in South America which is 400 to 600 times sweeter than sugar by volume, contains no calories, and has no side effects at all.

My concoction has negligible calories, is absolutely delicious, and costs pennies a glass.

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